About Pan Miniatures

Pan Miniatures was developed out of a love for all things miniature.
My name is Annette and I have a passion for creating miniatures. Originally trained as a florist for over 30years, miniatures took over my life when I sold my florists shop to have more time to play at my hobbies. 
As a child, I was taught to sew and knit. I've done dressmaking, soft furnishing ,diy, and everything else crafty. I have three grown up sons (I secretly always wanted a girl to share my  dolls house) and over the years of creating for myself, my hobby has become my job. I began by making for own dolls house, then some for friends and family, and progressed to selling a few extra items I had made on ebay. My ebay id is : ashnicholls.
I  give great attention to detail, I am a perfectionist and will only sell what I consider I would buy for my own collection.I try to source the best fabrics available and put a great amount of time and detail into each piece. I try to cover a range of prices from the item for a childs dolls house or a piece for a serious collector. Many of my creations are one offs and will not be repeated.
My husband Paul, once a keen miniature railway enthusiast, is often roped in to help and assist on the more technical and manual things. This last year I 've started working  full time at my miniatures. I am never bored  and have plenty to do keeping up with my stock and orders and love each working day. We aim to attend to Dolls House Fairs each month, sometimes up to four, all around the country. 
If there is anything you particulary would like , let me know and I'll try to bring to a show. This year I have extended my range of  available fabrics and trimmings, curtains and my unique flower arrangements.